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Mast Climbing Work Platforms

Mast climbing platforms are one of the latest advancements in construction technology. Mast climbing systems improve on traditional methods of access by positioning both men and materials at the most ergonomic height creating a “workplace in the sky” which is economical, efficient and safe. Keeping workmen at their optimum work height results in dramatic productivity increases. 

Moving tools and providing power at different levels costs money but mast climbing systems reduce access time by as much as 90%, reduce building ties by up to 80%, and improve site security both during and after working hours. 

They are ideal for a wide range of jobs from new construction to repairs and refinishing on existing buildings.


They have many advantages over conventional scaffolding systems.

  • Reduced labour time - As the mast climbing system can come to the ground for restocking for trades such as masonry and plaster, materials like brick and blocks can now be placed where needed by a forklift instead of a crane.  
    Since the platforms can be raised or lowered by the touch of a button the platform can always be in the most ergonomic position.
  • The time and cost savings are significant -  All models offer safety and convenience features which have proven to cut labour costs in excess of 30%.
    Materials and other necessary equipment can be lifted on platform at the same time as the workers. 
    Long platforms speed up work on wide facades. Construction is solid and mast climbing systems are cheap to maintain and easy to service.
  • Safety - the entire deck moves with the workforce effectively eliminating the constant checking of hundreds of planks and guardrails to make sure they are securely in place.
    Work is safer and more ergonomic because labour is always working at the optimal height with material and tools within easy reach. 
  • Production increases - up to three times more than conventional methods.
  • Healthier employees - the system creates an ergonomic advantages where materials and tools can be positioned so there is less bending and reaching.
  • Quick and easy assembly and installation
    High free-standing operation – unanchored machines can work up to 20m without being fixed to the building.  
    Great heights and large payloads are no problem with some projects reaching over 250m (800 feet+). 
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
    The systems can be freestanding up to 30 m indoors and 20 m outdoors and on a Mobile chassis for quick and easy relocation.
  • Extremely versatile - easily adapted for different applications and structural
    dimensions including sloping facades.  the extension platforms contour to most buildings and precision levelling reduces repetitive strain injuries.  
  • Less environmentally obtrusive
  • Reliable and fail-safe  
  • Less damaging
    Mast climbers offer less damage to building components compared to traditional multi handling, replace trailing cable and expensive distribution points. 
  • Low maintenance - masts are hot-dipped galvanized for durability. 

    multifunctional mast climbing work platform that can be used with single or double masts.
  2. XMHC mast climbing platform
    which is a modular platform originally design for demolishing cylindrical structures
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